Psychometric Assessment

Radius EduTech's psychometric assessment for career counseling is a tool designed to measure an individual's personality traits, interests, values, and abilities to help them make informed career choices. The assessment provides a detailed report with personalized career recommendations and guidance, based on the individual's strengths and preferences.

Output of the assessments

Personality traits

The assessment measures an individual's personality traits, such as openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. The report provides insights into how these traits may impact their career choices and preferences.


The assessment also measures an individual's interests in various areas, such as arts, science, social work, or engineering. The report may suggest career options that align with the individual's interests.


The assessment evaluates an individual's values, such as independence, creativity, or social status, and how they may influence career choices. The report may highlight career paths that align with the individual's values.


The assessment also measures an individual's cognitive and physical abilities, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, or manual dexterity. The report may suggest career paths that make use of the individual's unique abilities.

Career recommendations

Based on the results of the assessment, the report may provide personalized career recommendations and guidance, such as suitable industries, job roles, or educational programs.

Additional resources

Some assessments may also provide additional resources such as career exploration tools, job search strategies, or advice on networking and interviewing skills, to help individuals make informed career decisions.

Technical details

1. Online examination requires a computer lab with internet connectivity.

2. The computer screens can be of any size.

3. Students need to have elementary computer introduction to be able to take the online assessment.

4. For offline examination, OMR sheets and physical prints of question papers need to be distributed to the students.

5. The invigilator needs to scan the OMR sheets with the scanner app provided by the assessment platform.

6. The scanner app has able to sync the scanned results immediately to the online platform.

7. The online platform has the capability to handle large amounts of data and user traffic during the assessment.

8. The platform has a secure login and password protection system for authorized access to the assessment.

9. The platform has features to track and monitor the progress of students during the assessment.

10. The platform has the capability to generate reports and analytics based on the assessment results.